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Yu-Gi-Oh! QUARTER CENTURY CHRONICLE (side: PRIDE) Booster Box - Japanese

Yu-Gi-Oh! QUARTER CENTURY CHRONICLE (side: PRIDE) Booster Box - Japanese

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A special pack that allows you to look back on the 25th anniversary history of "Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG" is available for two consecutive months! This product “side:PRIDE” is the second product. Cards used by successive characters and themes and cards that were active in the duel scenes of each era are always included in luxurious specifications of super rare or higher, and there are also quarter century secret rare specifications among all 200 types!

1 pack: 4 pieces

1 box: 15 packs

Card types: 200 types in total

[Quarter Century Secret Rare... 2 types / Ultra Rare... 80 types / Super Rare... 118 types]

*Not all 200 types are available in one box.

**All types of super rare and ultra rare cards also have secret rare specifications and quarter century secret rare specifications.

***There are also ultimate rare specifications for 60 types of all cards.

****Product is brand new or factory sealed. Imperfections in shrink wrap and product packaging may happen and does not qualify for a replacement or discount.

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