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Pokémon Card Game Binder, Mew 151

Pokémon Card Game Binder, Mew 151

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It's a 9-pocket, 4-hole card file that supports your collection!

By adding the separately sold "Pokémon Card Game Collection Refill", you can store up to 20 refills.

360 cards can be stored when using 20 refills! The fasteners are made of plastic to improve safety!

The 9-pocket refill is a 3-hole and 4-hole type. It has the following features!
・ With a flap function that makes it easy to insert cards and prevents them from falling out even when turned upside down!
・ Cards in the "Pokémon Card Game Sleeve" (sold separately) enter!
・Two cards can fit in one pocket!
Uses a highly transparent sheet that makes the card illustration look beautiful!

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  • Card file (9 pocket type, 4 hole type) / 1 book
  • 9-pocket refill for cards (with flap/highly transparent sheet) /10 sheets
  • 9 of refill sheets are special refills with picture book numbers from 0001 to 0151, perfect for the collection of the enhanced expansion pack "Pokemon Card 151"!

Size/Weight: 31×26×45cm/440g
Material Body: Paper
Pocket: PP
Fastener: ABS/PC
Country of Origin Japan
Recommended Age: 9+
※The photograph is an image. The color and design may differ from the actual product.

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